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Come Join Us As We Sweat For A Cure

Do you have time for an amazing workout THIS Saturday, May 7th? Yes! Join me as I support my friend in her quest to find a cure for Lupus with our first Lupus Awareness event!

Event: Lupus Walk 2015

This weekend the boys and I had the privilege of walking with my friend and sister, Alena in support of a cure for Lupus.  Watching the swarms of families decked out in purple tees, tutus and beads made for an extraordinary day, the weather cooperated and

Get Krishna To Blogher 2015 PLEEASSSEEEEEEEEEEE!

I’ve been blogging for a few years, and every year my friend yells at me because she knows that I need to attend the Blogher conference. But between work, kids, home and just being plain ole tired I never committed and went. Even when it was