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A Taste of Autumn

When you live in a place that has extreme seasons you often become a bigger fan of one. For me it’s always been summers, but lately my second favorite Autumn, is catching up. The changing of the leaves, the cooler (but not cold) temperatures, and

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Paleo in the City: Eat the Seasons

Yesterday on my weekly grocery shopping trip I picked up a clam shell full of the most delicious looking strawberries. As I made my way to the cashier I started thinking about all of the wonderful meals and drinks I could make and that’s when

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Quick Bites: Ginger Lemonade

Nothing makes me happier than sitting in my backyard on a hot summer’s day with a glass of lemonade. A few years back while out with my mom, I had this amazing frozen lemonade ginger concoction and every time I went to Brooklyn that was

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Love You Like a Fresh Vegetable

By now hopefully you’ve taken the first step and cleaned out all the junkie foods in your refrigerator, and successfully logged at least 140 minutes walking for the first part of the challenge. I know those of us in the North have had to deal

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The Vitamin Trap: B12 Alternatives

Knowing how to properly fuel your body can be a daunting task, especially with “experts” publishing new and conflicting studies on what’s good and bad for us almost daily. However, most can agree that there are essential vitamins and minerals needed to keep everything functioning

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What Do the Codes on Your Produce Mean?

For years we’ve all just assumed the codes (PLU code) on those annoying stickers was just a way for the store to keep inventory. And though they do serve as a checklist for stores they are also a guide for you the consumer to figure

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Quick Bites: Paleo Friendly Turkey Meatballs

I saw this recipe on Food over Rock N Roll a few weeks ago and could never bring myself to make it for the Giants. So I just stored it back in my Paleo recipe folder.  Strapped for time, a freezer full of frozen food I put aside my

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Quick Bites: Curried Chicken Salad

Most of our bad food decisions stem from being unprepared for when hunger strikes. But with a dash of forethought and a great imagination, you can take what’s already in your fridge and make a tasty meal. In this first installment of Quick Bites you’ll