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Free.99: Get You Some

In a city full of expensive workout classes and over priced gyms, nothing makes me happier than a chance to hit Utkatasana for free. And in this case, a summer full of free workouts for adults and kids alike.

Baobab Wellness Presents: Family Fit Brunch Review

*Takes deep breathe* So much is changing over here at Baobab, I almost can’t wrap my mind around it, starting with my first solo event. Earlier this month after intense planning I hosted my first solo Wellness event (more on the solo part later).  And

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I Tried It: Sing Song Yoga

Over the last few years I’ve been trying to get my seven year old son to commit to daily yoga practice with me. On a good day we can get through a 20 minute Vinyasa sequence, on other days… not so much. He’s said that