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A Taste of Autumn

When you live in a place that has extreme seasons you often become a bigger fan of one. For me it’s always been summers, but lately my second favorite Autumn, is catching up. The changing of the leaves, the cooler (but not cold) temperatures, and

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Healthy Living Must Haves: Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

A few months ago a friend posted a meme on Instagram that said “Natural Girls be like #WashDay” between the eggs, honey and other grocery items was a bottle of the best hair rinse ever, Braggs apple cider vinegar (ACV).  Despite the silliness of the

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Summer Treats: Peaches

I love Summer! I love the sun, the heat and all the fresh yummy fruit available for me and my family to eat. But no summer would be complete for me without the sweet juice dripping, seed sucking deliciousness of peaches.

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Quick Bites: Paleo-Friendly Cake

I have a KILLER sweet tooth and shaking it has been the hardest part about going Paleo, especially while I was pregnant. During my nesting phase I experimented with different paleo-approved flour for baking; there were more failures than I care to admit but I

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The Vitamin Trap: Fixing a Vitamin D Deficiency

  At a recent doctor appointment my husband was told he had a Vitamin D deficiency. Not fully aware of all that comes with this deficiency, I headed to Google to do a quick search. Turns out this is a very common diagnosis for African