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Healthy Choices At A Discount

There are lots of theories on why people in our community are obese or suffering from “curable” diseases like diabetes but the one that gets ignored is access. More than 2.5 million Americans live in “food deserts” and have little to no access to supermarkets

Paleo Eating On the Run, Made So Easy No Really!

There are two complaints I hear most often when I talk about living a paleo lifestyle in New York, first how expensive it is (which we’ll save for another post) and second, there are too many choices and not enough healthy ones.  And to both

The Farmer In The Burbs

I know, I know it’s all of 15 degrees in New York but it’s also the perfect time to start planning out your spring and summer veggie gardens.  Last year I waited too long and missed the opportunity to have some kick ass cucumbers and