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4 Tips To Fall Fitness

The temperatures are dropping, leaves are changing color, the need for comfort food has risen and all signs point to Autumn. While working out outside might be a challenge this is the perfect time for a workout reboot. Consider these great tips to keep your

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Day 2: Journey To A Better Me

Three years ago at a difficult time in my life I wrote this to get rid of my frustrations. It seemed like a fitting piece for day 2 of my journey to 40 posts.  Enjoy! 

A Journey To A Bigger, Deafer, Better Me

I had a conversation this weekend about the journey I set on a few years ago. It wasn’t a journey to a foreign place, or a new part of my city. It was…No it is a journey of self. As I approach my 40th birthday

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21 Days of Meditation: Finding Your Flow

With all the stresses of corporate America and planning this awesome event (stay tuned), I’ve decided to ramp up my mediation and take it more seriously. I wrote about the basic steps to meditation here and though I still revert to this method, I decided

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May Your Inner Self Be Secure and Happy

I haven’t posted anything for a while. I could outline the list of things that have gone wrong and caused me to retreat into myself, but I’m sure whatever is going on with me isn’t any different than what’s going on in your world: Life,

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Simple Meditation

June 2001 was the year I was introduced to meditation outside of the yoga studio. I was sitting in the passport office with a million other impatient people trying to get the last thing that stood between us and our vacation abroad. In the midst