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Event: Lupus Walk 2015

This weekend the boys and I had the privilege of walking with my friend and sister, Alena in support of a cure for Lupus.  Watching the swarms of families decked out in purple tees, tutus and beads made for an extraordinary day, the weather cooperated and

A Journey To A Bigger, Deafer, Better Me

I had a conversation this weekend about the journey I set on a few years ago. It wasn’t a journey to a foreign place, or a new part of my city. It was…No it is a journey of self. As I approach my 40th birthday

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Paleo & Pregnant

From the title of this post I’m sure you can guess where I’ve been the last three months… that’s right, off giving birth to my second son.

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Yoga for When Work Is Too Much

I love my job at the library, but it can get just as stressful as any other office, causing me to clench my jaw and get tense in my neck and shoulders. Luckily one of my favorite online yogis, Tara Stiles, has a quick routine

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Blog Cafe 4.0

This year we are honored to co-host Blog Cafe with the lovely Arie from Keep Me Posted. Every year KMP host this awesome event that encourages bloggers from all genres to network, building friendships and just have fun. This year’s added bonus: Fitness. Please come

10 Things I Know About Being Healthy

As I make my way through my second pregnancy (whoo hoo *throws confetti*) I’ve dealt with insane cravings, bouts of fatigue and NFTG* state of mind when it comes to working out. But every day I make a choice to stick by my healthy diet,