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Baobab Eats: Pastelón Sweet Plantain "Lasagna"

I’m not sure when I first experienced the deliciousness that is pastelón,  but I do remember the first time I craved it. My younger sister, V had just come an event at work, she had bags filled with plantains and what looked like the ingredients

Baobab Eats: Chicken Salad

I am not a fan of pre-made salads of any kind but sometimes a craving strikes and well I had to give in. I decided to give the chicken salad a try at my local organic market and was VERY disappointed. I went home that

Detox Done The Right Way Quick Bites

Summer is upon us and my inbox has been flooded with “Krishna, what can I use to detox and lose weight quickly?” emails. and though I promote the idea of quickie weight loss, I do enjoy a detox on occasion.  I prefer to detox after

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iHop Paleo Style

There are few people in this world that don’t love the fluffy goodness of pancakes. In my house pancakes have been tied to so many things awesome events, from the first time C.J. perfected his use of measurement to celebrating birthdays. Two years ago when

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Quick Bites: Ginger Lemonade

Nothing makes me happier than sitting in my backyard on a hot summer’s day with a glass of lemonade. A few years back while out with my mom, I had this amazing frozen lemonade ginger concoction and every time I went to Brooklyn that was

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Love You Like a Fresh Vegetable

By now hopefully you’ve taken the first step and cleaned out all the junkie foods in your refrigerator, and successfully logged at least 140 minutes walking for the first part of the challenge. I know those of us in the North have had to deal

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Quick Bites: Paleo-Friendly Cake

I have a KILLER sweet tooth and shaking it has been the hardest part about going Paleo, especially while I was pregnant. During my nesting phase I experimented with different paleo-approved flour for baking; there were more failures than I care to admit but I