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A Desperate Act Of Self Care

On January 12th I turned 42 years old, I had a weekend full of family fun planned and I was so excited. My first very low key birthday, centered around me and not some stressful dinner or party, just me, the kids, my husband and

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Wello: Find Your Fit (at Home)

One of the first workouts I signed up for after having my little one was on web fitness portal, Wello. Though I didn’t know much about it, I was excited to be able to work with a trainer from the comfort of my home. The

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My Five Essential Tools for Paleo Cooking

In a fantasy world I would be spend my days tasting beautiful foods, prepping the ingredients and then of cooking all day, but this is not a fantasy world. Sadly, I’ve chosen the hustle and bustle of Wall Street not the glamor of being a

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Love You Like a Fresh Vegetable

By now hopefully you’ve taken the first step and cleaned out all the junkie foods in your refrigerator, and successfully logged at least 140 minutes walking for the first part of the challenge. I know those of us in the North have had to deal

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Eating Healthy During Your Vacation

Everyone needs a vacation from the day-to-day hustle of life from time to time. However, if you’re the kind of person that thrives in the mundane reality of routines, a vacation can sometimes throw you off course. I know that my recent trip to the

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No Gym? No Problem!

We are gearing you up for our paleo challenge (happening next month!) and it’s important that we arm you with as many tools as possible to be successful. And while what you eat is an important part of getting healthy and fit (6-pack abs are

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Mangu: A Great Breakfast Alternative

Dominicans around the world (and many New Yorkers) are already familiar with the deliciousness that is mangú–mashed green plantains. It’s been a favorite of mine since I was a little girl, so of course I was thrilled to learn that I wouldn’t have to give

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The Vitamin Trap: Fixing a Vitamin D Deficiency

  At a recent doctor appointment my husband was told he had a Vitamin D deficiency. Not fully aware of all that comes with this deficiency, I headed to Google to do a quick search. Turns out this is a very common diagnosis for African