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Video Anyone?

In a conversation with one of the many awesome people on my team I was told that I need to start making short videos ASAP. I tried to give the regular excuses about not liking my voice or that I just didn’t know what to

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Friday Inspiration

These Dr. Pepper commercials are nothing short of fantastic. This weekend get inspired, be an inspiration, get moving and get fit. Be one in a million!      

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Yoga for When Work Is Too Much

I love my job at the library, but it can get just as stressful as any other office, causing me to clench my jaw and get tense in my neck and shoulders. Luckily one of my favorite online yogis, Tara Stiles, has a quick routine

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What is Paleo?

A year ago Raquel, her sister and I had a conference call to discuss redefining our lifestyle choices. The biggest change for all of us would prove to be giving up our more than once a week cheat day and adopting a Primal lifestyle (also

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The Workshop that Started a Movement

On an unseasonably warm November evening, Krishna and I attended an event chock-full of women in denial about their body-size-to-clothing-size ratio. Part of me thought these ladies should have been more realistic about the fit of their attire, but there was a bigger problem at