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Workout For The Week: HIIT Quick And Effective

*Stands up* I am a workout junkie! I realized this a few years ago when I took up boxing and it was all I wanted to do. My favorite workouts list grew quickly with and has continued with my latest obsession HIIT workouts.    

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I Tried It: Sing Song Yoga

Over the last few years I’ve been trying to get my seven year old son to commit to daily yoga practice with me. On a good day we can get through a 20 minute Vinyasa sequence, on other days… not so much. He’s said that

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Wello: Find Your Fit (at Home)

One of the first workouts I signed up for after having my little one was on web fitness portal, Wello. Though I didn’t know much about it, I was excited to be able to work with a trainer from the comfort of my home. The

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Friday Inspiration

These Dr. Pepper commercials are nothing short of fantastic. This weekend get inspired, be an inspiration, get moving and get fit. Be one in a million!      

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No Gym? No Problem!

We are gearing you up for our paleo challenge (happening next month!) and it’s important that we arm you with as many tools as possible to be successful. And while what you eat is an important part of getting healthy and fit (6-pack abs are

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Get You Some: Free Workout

This week from March 11- 17th the good people at Town Sports International are giving members (and non-members) the opportunity to sample two of signature classes for free.

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Baobab + Blog Café® 4.0, In Pictures

We missed you on Sunday! Baobab Wellness and Keep Me Posted teamed up to co-host Blog Café® 4.0 on Sunday, September 30, and the beautiful day at Pier 46 in Manhattan was a great setting to an exciting event.