On an unseasonably warm November evening, Krishna and I attended an event chock-full of women in denial about their body-size-to-clothing-size ratio. Part of me thought these ladies should have been more realistic about the fit of their attire, but there was a bigger problem at hand. Most likely, these were unhealthy bodies staring us in the face.

From then on we brainstormed on some way we could extend some of the health and fitness resources and knowledge we’ve accumulated to the people we know without forcing our lifestyles on anyone. How could we show these women that their days won’t have to be spent negotiating with a pair a of jeans that clearly don’t fit? That they could attain optimum health?

L to r: Marian Barragan, Raquel Penzo, Krishna Davenport, Simone Warner and Kali Blocker.

And so our very first Wellness Workshop- featuring Zumba instructor Kali Blocker, Socacize instructor Simone Warner and holistic health counselor Marian Isel Barragán- was born. We sold most of the 35 tickets we had for sale and the immediate feedback was positive: folks enjoyed themselves and learned some new ways to get fit. A few attendees even recommended that we recreate the event for new audiences!

On the heels of this successful event, we’ve planned more informative and fun workshops to get people moving their bodies and thinking more critically about taking care of their whole self. Stay tuned!

We’d like to thank Kali, Simone and Marian for their great presentations, all of our guests for their participation and support, and Vixon John for the video and photos.