Yesterday I had a serious nail emergency, and decided it could not wait until Wednesday afternoon. So I fired up the Google machine to find a nail tech that could fix it. The closest one to me had a 2:30 spot and so off I went to fix and fill.

They were fast and got me to the dreaded drying monster…I mean machine and while I sat there the owner asked if she could give me a massage. Uhm, OF COURSE (Side note: my favorite Russian tech would give me champagne and a massage while I dried and well I offered her my first born daughter 😂😂). As she massaged my neck she commented on how strong my back was and how did I stayed so fit, especially after just having a baby (3 years ago isn’t just but I let her cook), and I said Yoga. I do a 30 minute daily practice at 5:30 before my kids get up. The face she gave me

Girl, Nah!

She went on to say she had tried a yoga class, but the smelly people and the music made her crazy. I laughed so loud because when I first started the “Earthy” nature of the instructors bothered me too, but not as much as the sitar music. That drove me insane!!! I found myself unable to push past my physical because I was so distracted by the music in some classes. I started to tune it out, until one class. The normal teacher was out and the Sub had an amazing playlist full of Motown and Bob Marley and the Wailers. I was so shocked. After class I asked her why she chose that selection, and she said because it spoke to her when she was on the mat.

Years later when I started practicing on my own,  I built a playlist that spoke to my heart, one that might trigger tears, or smiles but always poke to me. I have shared practice with others and they always enjoy my selection. So while some may feel the music isn’t important, it actually is. What speaks to you on that mat, is what allows you to become vulnerable enough to release and surrender to your practice. After that much needed massage and talk I invited her to come with me to a local class and she agreed! I shared the link to my home practice playlist and now I’m sharing it with you:

SN: This was the last time I liked A.Keys. hahahah