You can do it!

It is May 1, and hopefully you’ve all been walking, taking the stairs, sprinting and enjoying new, tasty veggies all throughout April’s portion of our paleo challenge. How has it been going for you? Do you have more energy? A new favorite food? Perhaps you discovered, like me, that no matter how you cook or blend it, kale is the most disgusting thing ever put on this earth? Either way, it’s that time in the challenge where we up the ante a bit. You’re to keep up with all the previous activities we’ve suggested, but now we’re also going to ask something truly difficult of you: give up your most unhealthy vice.

Before you log off and go jump off a bridge clutching an entire bag of cookies, just hear me out.

We all have something in our lives that we do or eat for “comfort” that is a detriment to our health. I have a laundry list of these items, personally. When making the decision to change your lifestyle for the better, you have to accept that what you thought was comfort is really just a means to keep you in a rut. So here’s what we’re going to do (yes, me included!) for all of May (and hopefully, for as much of ‘ever’ as possible):

1- Take an honest inventory of the things you eat and/or do that keep you unhealthy and unhappy.
2- Pick the worst culprit and two minor vices.
3- Decide to cut them out of your life for this month.
4- Formulate a game plan for keeping these vices out of your life.
5- Accept that it will be difficult, but know that you are capable of and worth it.

In a show of solidarity, I’ll share mine. I’m way too addicted to the internet, and being on the computer for countless hours a day is adding to my back problems. I also continue to use takeout as a crutch at home AND I eat more than my share of non-paleo goodies on a daily basis, like pizza and street meat. I consider the computer addiction the worst culprit to my health because my back pain (and eye strain) are REAL and CONSTANT, and it keeps me from precious sleep. The food issues are minor because I’m 80/20 paleo, so an occasional dalliance is not a big deal. Except ‘occasional’ turned into ‘almost every damn day’ and that’s a problem.

How will I keep these evil, unhealthy things out of my life? First, I will just have to put myself on a computer schedule and ask my kids to help me stick to it. And if I can find a timer on my computer somehow, that would be great! As for the food, well, it’s just a matter of taking time on Sundays (that I’m not on the computer) and prep all of my food for the week, including snacks. Also, let me see if Seamless will let me cancel my account…

So that’s my plan. What about you? What’s holding you back from being the healthiest you? How can you take that obstacle out of your life? Tell us in the comments!