It’s Wednesday, we made it to the hump and half way through our workout week! For me Wednesday is also the day I do a gym bag “check in” to make sure I have what I need to finish the week out strong. Every Wednesday I’ll showcase some of my gym must haves!

This week:

Earth's Care Muscle and Joint Rub


I signed up for two challenges for the next 30 days, one includes burpees, so needless to say there will be soreness. While a lot of people promote stretching (very important) as the ONLY way to beat soreness, I’ve realized that as I get older I need a bit more and salves are my cure all.

Over the years, from my time dancing to just being a gym enthusiast, I’ve always relied on salves to take me that’s extra mile.  My favorite has always been Tiger Balm, which I still keep some in my house because it has never failed me, but there were always drawbacks. The very distinct smell, and the oil ruining clothes to name a few and after a workout and shower mid-day, these things became a  challenge.

I knew I needed a new salve but every suggestion came with the same issues. I was sure I’d never find a new one. Slide in, Bulu Box with my last subscription box of the year to rescue my sore arms, clothes and colleagues noses.  Among other awesome products sat a full size jar of Earth’s Care Muscle and Joint Rub, which I quickly put into my gym bag and forgot about. It was after a particularly hard Orange Theory class, that left me feeling like I could just lay on the floor forever did I remember and used immediately. It was everything I needed

So what’s in it? And how does Earth’s Care Muscle and Joint Rub differ?

Camphor, a versatile natural medicine for topical use, is derived from the bark of the Camphor Laurel tree and related species which are native to Southeast Asia.

Earth’s Care Muscle & Joint Rub contains Natural Camphor and brings natural relief from the minor pains of bruises, muscle aches, strains and sprains. This unique formula quickly relieves these painful conditions while also soothing the skin with natural moisturizers like Vitamin E, Beeswax and Shea Butter. It is ideal for use on minor injuries, on sore muscles after sports activity and is effective for minor backaches and arthritis. 

It’s also natural and contains :

No Parabens, No artificial colors or fragrances, No Phthalates and No Petroleum

Now, I never leave home without it. In combination with my hot water bottle, Earth’s Care Muscle and Joint salve has helped me reduce soreness, muscle fatigue and saved some really awesome shirts.
What’s one thing you can’t leave home without on your way to the gym?