Yeahhhh this morning was a periscope success, or should I say Yogascope! I thank each of you that got up early to watch me (and the kids) talk about the benefits of Yoga. As promised here are the benefits of child pose and what it looks like:


As I mentioned in the video Balasana/Child’s Pose is a great hip openers. Your hips are a place of storage, usually stress and other negative feelings, hip openers are the key to releasing that energy. Here are a few more benefits to hip openers :

  • improve range of motion
  • increase flexibility and range of motion
  • alleviate back pain
  • sexual freedom, tight hips can make for a not so pleasurable experience with your mate

See you next week when we’ll explore Vrksasana aka Tree Pose. I’m not working in any particular sequence so if you’re interested in a specific pose reach out to me at and let me know!