I have been racking my brain for three weeks about what to write.

I have a notebook full of awesome ideas.

I have pictures from events I intended to review.

But for the last three weeks, I’ve had no words.

I’ve been feeling less than myself….But I don’t know why.

Could it be depressions? Is it just mercury in retrograde, messing with my feels. I just don’t know.

The last three weeks have been nothing but headache an turmoil.

I hear my husband telling me that I am better than the shit storm that is washing over me.

I see the boys and their smiles, their tricks to make me laugh. Yet all I want to do is lay in bed.

Each week had one day of glimmer and shine, that dulled the very next morning.

Sometimes I think it’s all in my head. So I turn off the TV, the internet, the phone and just listen as the tears build up in my eyes and run down  into my ears.

I know this is a different kind of post,  it’s a post about self-care.

I know this is a different kind of post, but I needed to get this out, into the world, into the universe so that I can get back to me.

I miss her. I hear her, she’s ready to come back. And this post is the open door to allowing her to breathe again.

*deep breathes* That feels better.