You’re Welcome: Free Stuff

It’s been a busy, busy week around these fitness streets. With spring FINALLY upon us I’ve been working hard to bring you new content including the details on our first monthly fitness brunch, reviews of new paleo recipes, restaurants, classes and so much more. I do it all for the love of you… my readers! So let’s get into it.

Once upon a time I was a huge fan of cycling but after a few classes I got bored and opted to ride my actual bike through the streets of my beloved Brooklyn. With two kids, career and countless other responsibilities my time is limited and I miss my bike. Step in BYKLYN Cycling + Fitness. While dining at Raquel’s favorite healthy food spot I found this awesome cycling studio. The people were friendly and offered me a lot of information at the desk and an extra big bonus, FREE RIDES FOR THE MONTH OF MAY.From 5/1-5/31/2014 (with registration) you can take 2 free classes at their studio. That’s a savings of $42 ($26 per single cycling class). If you’re a avid cyclist and just want to try a new studio there is also the opening 5 pack for $120. Nothing but great deals for the month of May, so get on over there and register! FREE RIDES at BYKLYN Cycling +Fitness*Side Note: There are no showers at the studio so unless you have the day off I’d recommend before or after work classes 🙂

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