I’ve spent the last few years convincing myself that my morning workout is Bae, but honestly I hate them. I am not a morning person and the amount of energy it takes to get me up would amuse most. It always starts with bargaining for just a few more minutes, then a scroll through the DVR and on it goes until I finally pull myself out of bed and onto to my Yoga mat. It could definitely be the first scene for any comedy pilot. But alas once I’m on the mat, it’s always love and positive vibes.

My evening workout on the other hand is BAWSE! I love the feeling of coming home from work, sliding into my favorite tee and leggings and heading to the mat or the gym for a sweat fueled jam session.  In those moments, I’m no ones mother, wife, short order cook just a woman letting go and getting fit and that makes me feel awesome.  There are also so many benefits to a night work out, especially for Moms like me, but here are my top three:

1. After a tough day, you can get leave it all on the mat! 

I started boxing when I was at one of the top investment banks because of stress.  It was the only outlet I had short of downing a fifth of scotch everyday. I went to boxing after work and sweated out every horrible moment.  I usually left class feeling relieved but not stress free, and that’s when I found Yoga. After 8 hours in a manic place and two hours in the gym kept me from strangling my pillow when I should be asleep.

2. Two birds, One Stone.

Having two younger kids I have to be careful what’s on when they are awake, but during my evening workout I get to watch all the grown up TV I can stand.  It also keeps me from staying up late to clear out the DVR (Stop judging me!!) when I should be sleeping.

* There seems to be a recurring theme here*

3. I sleep better.

I know you’ve heard the opposite but there are studies that suggest that late day exercise regiments aid in better nights sleep.  While we are all different, I have noticed that I am more focused the morning after a workout. It may be the combination of the workout and hot shower that actually allows my body to release and glide into an undisturbed sleep.

Bonus: You’ll have calmer mornings:

Even when I lay out my workout gear or pack my bag the night before my mind is ALWAYS somewhere else when I begin my morning workouts.  I often have to keep track of the time because we need to stay on schedule so no one misses the bus or goes to school without breakfast or one sneaker for gym (seriously this happened, TWICE).  My evening workout is done once the #BabyGiants are in bed and sometimes once the Big Giant is off to work so I can focus on my Real Housewives of Love and Hip Hop, my abs and the uninterrupted shower that will soon follow.

So what’s your preference? Leave it in the comments.