Late last week I was awakened by a story about the mental load of being a Mom in the time of quarantine and what stood out most is that none of the women looked like me. I wasn’t surprised but annoyed because even in a global pandemic our stories are ignored. I dug a little more on Al Gore’s internet and found only stories about Black and Brown people being the new face (a story for another time) of the disease. All the false narratives sparked something in me….

I have been telling our stories, from blogging about Black women’s issues, hosting wellness specific events and interviewing Black Mothers on their wellness routines and how they maintain self care, this moment is no different. I am reaching our to each of you to see if you’ll allow me to share your individual stories. The interviews will take place on YouTube and eventually, hopefully be put together later for a mini doc and table book.

I’ve attached a short google doc for you to fill out if you are interested. The link is in my bio and on our site.

If you know other Mothers who might be interested please forward along. I would appreciate it.