A few months ago a friend posted a meme on Instagram that said “Natural Girls be like #WashDay” between the eggs, honey and other grocery items was a bottle of the best hair rinse ever, Braggs apple cider vinegar (ACV).  Despite the silliness of the meme I laughed because I live for my apple cider vinegar.

In a society where we are driven by the latest and flashiest product we forget about the simplest, most inexpensive cure-alls found right in our local grocery store (or cabinet). This series of post will focus on the natural healthy living products that I swear by… Today Braggs apple cider vinegar!

Hair: If you’re a member of the natural hair community, you’ve heard the choir praise the almighty apple cider vinegar. Rinsing you hair with a vinegar/water mix between washes helps prevent split ends, hair loss, cleanses scalp and balances out hair’s pH leaving it smooth and shiny.  

Skin: My husband and 7 year old have the driest skin in the world, and often times have these fits of unbearable itching (usually after not moisturizing regularly..BOYS!) When these fits start I dab a little ACV on a cotton ball and apply to the itchy area, it’s an instant healer. *Bonus: Mix ACV with your clay mask for a extra skin calming*

Non-Toxic Cleaner: With little ones running around putting any and everything in their mouths it was important to me to have cleaning products that were safe. Nothing safer than vinegar. ACV absorbs odors and has antibacterial properties. Simply mix one part water and one part ACV in a spray bottle. This is also great for use with pets pee-pee pads.

Internal Relief: A tablespoon of ACV diluted in tea or water has been known to reduce gas, bloating and heartburn. I learned this during my last pregnancy and it was a life saver. I love the taste of vinegar so it didn’t bother me but if you’re sensitive to the taste I’d recommend tea to cancel out some of the taste.

Eat Me: DUH it’s vinegar and the primary function is to eat it. I’ve used ACV as lemon substitute in recipes, as a marinade and more often as a base to awesome salad dressings.

It’s important that you use the raw, organic, unpasteurized ACV for the best results. So go out and get yourself some Braggs (with the mother) and get back to healthy living!