This year I’ve decided to do something a little different with my holiday gift guide, instead of cramming all of the wonderful items you can buy for me into one post I’ll do three fitness specific ones. First up, a guide for the Yogi who makes your heart smile with every back bend.

  1. Thin Cuff Bracelets: $20  This year at blogher I discovered the #Myintentproject and after choosing my bracelet and intent (Growth) every time I looked down at that little washer on my wrist I felt like I could go on.  When my bracelet finally popped (in an interview,) I began the search for a piece that could replace it, and that’s when I found these amazing bracelets on Etsy.  These bracelets are all hand stamped and would make a lovely reminder to every Yogi you know about their place in the Universe. I’m particularly fond of the “Be There Now” bracelet as this has been one of my personal struggles, just being in the moment.

    Yogi Gift Guide
    Courtesy of BrielleBelle, handcrafted jewelry
  2. Inspirational Yoga Mats: ($80) One of my favorite mats has the 7 Chakras (energy centers) printed on it. It’s a nice reminder to remain balance and focused during my practice.  It wasn’t a popular option when I bought my mat but now you can get several different kinds of inspirational mats, from chakras, to inspirational quotes the options are limitless. Even more amazing is having a mat made with images from your life that inspire you. The team at YogaMatic have you covered. Simply upload your image, add text and save for printing. Yogi
  3. At Home Yoga Practice: ($9.95/per month) In 9 out of 10 conversations I’ve had with people interested in starting a Yoga practice I have been inevitably asked ” Can you recommend a site for to practice at home?” And while I’m an advocate for practicing in a studio with an experienced instructor, I understand the want to practice without judgment (isn’t that ironic?) There are lots of options for at home practice but none that offer the benefits of Gaia. With over 7,000 titles to stream, the benefits will definitely outweigh the price tag. And if you sign up today you an receive the month of December free of charge! So join now

And there you have it, my top picks for the Yogi you love! If you’re a brand new to Yoga or have been practicing for years what are some of your favorite gifts for this holiday season?